I’m homeschooling / unschooling Aaron.  He has a brother, Ben, 18 months younger than him and he goes to school.   The thing is that he seems quite happy with school, I feel like right now school suits Ben’s learning and social style.  It’s not perfect, but good enough.

Ben likes to be around people constantly. He looks for approval from others.  He cares deeply what others think of him.  He gets bored if he has nothing to do.  He comes home telling me stuff that he has done or learned about with a shine in his eyes.

Do I feel guilty that I’m not homeschooling him? Yes.

Do I feel like taking him out of school would be good for us as a family? No, at least not at this moment.

Being able to homeschool, for us, is about being able to accomodate everyone.  Right now I really enjoy spending the time with Aaron. We have fun. He is focused.  He understands that I need to do my own stuff too.

We are learning to adjust to each others needs.  I am learning to become more confident with bringing him around with me at times.

Right now I need time to adjust to homeschooling Aaron. Whilst running in the house and also managing my own ‘business workload’.  I’m learning as I’m going, figuring things out, seeing what seems to make us all content.

The dynamics and workload of homeschooling both of them would just tip me over the edge.  Things are easy with just Aaron.  When the two of them are together the bickering starts (and drives me up the wall!)

That elusive work-life-unschooling balance is yet to be found!