Today was the first day of unschooling.

I first had to drop Ben off at his first day of school.  He looked terrified.  Fortunately he was happy and smiling when I picked him up at the end of the day.  He had a good time. Phew!

We got lots done with Aaron.


He showed some interest in exponents last week, so today I gave him a video to watch and some exercises to practice calculating exponents.  I also showed him how to use a calculator so he could check his own answers.  He (or we!) got a bit carried away with calculating really big exponents (is that the correct way of saying it?).  Calculations that were too big for the calculator.

He took a break from exponents to get his points and badges up on Khan Academy.  He did some long addition and subtraction calculations.

We agreed that once he achieves certain milestones on Khan Academy then I will make him his own certificate 🙂

Story Writing

When Aaron was at school he didn’t get to finish a story he was writing, so he wanted to write it again.  We opted for using MindMup (a cool free online mind mapping tool) for him to map out the outline of the story.  This is ongoing, but interesting to see develop.

Touch Typing

I installed a touch typing app on his laptop.  An important skill to have IMHO, but he did get a bit frustrated at it!

Also…he played lego for ‘play time’ and we had lunch together.

That is all.