Aaron was on an iPad app that was talking about ‘Place Values’.  I wasn’t quite sure what a place value was and to be honest the way the question was made was a bit confusing, even for my little brain.  So I searched for the answer, with Aaron hovering over me and me explaining what I was doing.

I tried Google first, but to be honest I wasn’t too impressed with the initial results, and I was impatient.  I remembered Khan Academy was a good place for these kind of things and it did us good.

We watched the video and Aaron was then whizzing off on the app tapping all the right answers.

As he was doing it I explained how we don’t necessarily need to keep all the information in our heads.  Being able to solve a problem by using resources around you is an important skill to have.  I went on to explain that I couldn’t quite remember what ‘place value’ was, but my memory was triggered by doing a bit of searching and re-learning.

He then impressed me by talking to me about long and short term memory and how place values were probably in my short term memory.  He learned about how the brain works through the Brainology program.