Hello unschooling world.

In the end it seems like we are heading down the unschooling road. I’ve always wanted to do it, avoided it for as long as possible, I suppose.

We started out in a small child led education school. I don’t have many positive things to say about that. Lets move on quickly from that before I end up saying things I regret.

We then moved to Cambridge which was actually really good school wise, but we missed Brighton too much so moved back down.

There wasn’t space for both my boys at the closest school, so we opted for the next one, which seemed like a good choice.

Infact, Ben has been quite happy there. Unfortunately Aaron hasn’t, he’s been a bit unlucky as his class was unusually disruptive. As a result he really wasn’t enjoying school.

He was very happy to take up the option of unschooling. So here we are.

The journey begins.