I have 3 kids.  And lets face it, it’s hard to get out meeting people sometimes.  I’ve long wanted to do some kind of networking/meetup that welcomed kids.  It seems that the time has come for testers of the world/UK 🙂

With TestBash happening in March I became aware that a few of the attendees were coming to Brighton with their family.  My ears and neck naturally stretched when I saw this and I thought it would be an ideal time to meetup casually and with kids (both big and small!)

So on the Saturday morning a few of us are meeting up - do come along if you are around (whether you have kids or not!), I’m still trying to think of where the ideal venue would be, it’s always a tricky thing in Brighton…most places are not child friendly and are very tight in space.  So my hunt begins! (And I must focus on not getting a hang over the night before!)