Soulver is a Mac App that helps you solve number problems.  It’s kind of like a textual calculator.

When I do stuff with my business I always want to do some quick calculations.  How much money will this bring in? What costs are there? Would there be anything left in the pot at the end?

I do this in the sense of a bit of light weight business planning, but also in the sense of a bit of goal setting.

I’ve found calculators are not quite enough.  I’ve mostly used spreadsheets, but I have always found them a bit awkward to capture my thoughts.  Having two separate documents generally means neither get used.

Soulver seems to do the trick for me nicely.  It’s a bit of a mix between a text pad and a calculator.  It helps me write down my thoughts whilst doing calculations.

Easy to get something down. Easy to change as quickly as I and situations around me change and adapt. Very handy indeed!