A couple of years ago my son was struggling.  He totally lacked confidence. He wouldn’t talk to anyone that wasn’t his immediate family.  He was such a quiet boy. He was so afraid to get things wrong. Couldn’t and wouldn’t try to write or do anything that resembles a drawing.

He’s 7 now and is a totally different boy.  He has progressed so much and sometimes this comes to the forefront of my mind when he does something.  That something today was him going to a day long art Manga art class and producing the following painting.

When I saw this all I could think of was how far he had come in the past couple of years and how this piece of art he had created was a symbol of his progress.

Progress that we often forget about in the chaos of day to day life.

This has happened with Ministry of Testing too.  It is December 2012 as I write this. I started promoting our first training course this time last year.  Since then we’ve presented 4 training courses and one conference.

Now we have a more ambitious conference we are putting together.  There are also many more training courses on our calendar and more being planned.

Our resources have also started to become more popular.  What feels like ‘slowly and surely’ looks more like ‘rapidly and confidently’ when I compare two points in time – December 2011 and December 2012.  From nothing to something that looks like it is growing into a bright future.

It is this picture for me that makes me realise the progress that I’ve made. I get so involved with the day to day stuff of making things happen – the current state of the Ministry of Testing website, stats and sales – that I forget about the bigger picture.