Christmas holidays are upon us.  We’re supposed to be slowing down and all I can think about are all the things that need to be done. At work and home.

It’s a great time for reflection.  And that’s what I will be doing (in between the whole family catching the flu/norovirus), whilst sneaking away to write down what is on my mind.

It’s been 2 years since I officially registered Software Testing Club as a company.  That was when the decision in my head was made that this thing is gonna be the thing that I will build into a sustainable business.

2 years on, progress is good, especially considering the very limited resources I’ve had. Plus the 3 month travelling stint we had. Plus 3 (!!!) house moves. Plus having my 3rd child.

One of the most positive things is that I’m feeling very ‘content’ within myself that the right things are being done in the right way for myself and the community.

This partly means that I am and have set up the business to work around my needs - this mostly refers to the enormous amount of flexibility I need to work around my family.  I am so incredibly grateful and happy that I appear to be working towards that ever elusive work life balance.  Still work to do, but it’s happening.

Another important thing for me and STC is to remain close to my ethics and doing what I believe is right.  This can mean turning away opportunities that don’t align to the vision I have.  That’s ok though.  And perhaps it is a slower road to ‘success’ but is one that I believe will lead me in the right direction.

I’ve also long been wanting to try to get my writings on ‘startup life’ going, but haven’t quite found the rhythm to get it going.  I figure now is the time. I was originally going to write it then publish it, just my ongoing thoughts and experiences of what I am doing.  I have a feeling at least a few people will be interested.  I figure I should just blog it all, as it happens and hopefully get that buzzy feeling that I love so much from the occasional comment and feedback that I get 🙂