I like to learn by doing, I’ve discovered this over time. Mostly from boredom of being forced to learn things through theory and lack of real life practice. I’m not one to tolerate boredom.

I learn by doing with STC and I love it. I don’t have qualifications in how to build a community, a publication, run websites, do accounts, create a training company, run a conference. I just do it. Often stepping outside of my comfort zone to push things that little bit further to make things happen.

I was at Meaning Conference where Karen Pine did a fabulous talk on behaviour and change and how it relates to business/people. I’m not here to summarise the talk, but merely highlight a point that stuck with me.

Which is the fact that our brains learn/respond/expand when we DO things. Problem is that often in life and businesses we don’t DO enough. All too often we read a book, attend a meeting or go on a training course, but never end up doing or putting any of the stuff into action.

Our brains won’t expand, make those connections or learn unless we actually go out there and do stuff. This to me is not rocket science and feels somewhat obvious, especially how I have gone about learning and growing n y life, but I still love the concept and clarification of the idea presented to me by a fabulous speaker. 🙂

Based on this idea, I drew a picture.