Freelance Testing is a funny one and it feels frustratingly behind the times.

You don’t have to look very far to find a freelance designer or developer or project manager, but tester? Where on earth do you go if you want a bit of testing done?

There are plenty of testing contractors about. Plenty of permie testers too. But freelance testers? Testers who work on several projects at a time? Testers who take on flexible bits of work?

It’s been a bit of a bug bear of mine for a few years.  It made my life much harder in finding freelance testing work. I did contracting for a while, but the daily commute proved too complicated and difficult with a young family.  Totally not worth it.

However, overtime I did start to build up a few companies that would continuously come back to me for short term work, which always suited me nicely.  After a while I created Test Ninjas as a frontage of this and started hiring in testers from Software Testing Club.  It was still small scale and very much focusing on to see whether the concept of outsourcing the work to testers would work.

And it was working. We serviced projects. Kept our clients happy, but deep within me I wasn’t.  I kept on thinking that the people I’m working with are perfectly capable of doing this themselves.

So that’s what I’m building up with Test Ninjas.  A community of freelance testers. If you’re interested in hiring a vetted freelance tester please speak to me, it’s free too.