I had a rare look at LinkedIn on the iPhone app.  I wanted to reply to a message in a group that I manage/own, so I swiftly found my way to the group section.

It was then that I saw this:

Camera Roll-7919

The strange thing here for me was that there were 2 ‘Software Testing Club’ groups. I’m the owner of one, and I have no idea why the other one was there. I was not a member of it, nor had someone tried to copy our brand (yes, that’s happened before).

So naturally, I tried to find out more about this mysterious group. I tried looking for it from my laptop and found no reference to it.

So I explored it on the mobile app. It allowed me to view the group (which had no content). It also allowed me to post a message.

Camera Roll-7920 Camera Roll-7921 Camera Roll-7922

I then went to the website to find what I had just posted. Sure enough I found a link to it from my status update.

Picture 10

I clicked on it and it went to a ‘group style’ page, except it had no group name or details.

Picture 9


I’m not concerned about it.  It was a bit of fun looking into it.  Though I do have some questions.  The two biggest ones: Where did this group come from?  And who are the 6 members it lists?

That is all 🙂