Camera Roll-7893My 8 year old is very interested in how businesses work.  He’s always asking me about the newspapers we have. And the monsters. And the websites.

Lots of good business related questions come are asked.  We talk about how people pay me money for The Testing Planets.  We also talk about the costs that are associated with them.  Like postage costs. Envelopes. Printing.

I’ve also explained why I didn’t send slightly ripped copies of The Testing Planet.  We must keep our customers happy!

Camera Roll-7897

We’ve also talked about hiring him.  I’ve officially hired him to help me out with some tasks.  His eyes lit up when I said he now works for me. 🙂

At the moment he helps me stuff the envelopes. Stamp a monster on the back of each envelope. Stick labels and stamps on them.

For the tasks of helping organise The Testing Planets he gets paid £1.  He is happy with this. I’ve explained that once he gets really good and fast then he can expect to get paid more.

Camera Roll-7894

So, please forgive me if things look a bit crooked.  He’s learning and doing a fine job if you ask me!

[Of course he has bigger ambitions than working for his mum!  He already has plans underway to start his own business.  I really must teach him about sales, because that is where he probably needs to work the hardest!]