As I continue down this path of creating a business, I find myself constantly questioning things.  It can feel lonely sometimes as it’s hard to talk to people about the full picture.

I mean, how many times have you asked people, “How’s business?” and they’ve responded with “Really bad actually….”.  It just doesn’t happen, most of the time anyways 🙂

Every few months I try to take stock on what I am doing, and I ask myself the question - is this what I really want? Am I working towards my goals?  Who am I pleasing? Am I doing the right thing? Will this work? What will people think?

Within all of this it is so easy to get drifting away into creating something that ends up not being what you want.  It’s easy to get advice from people outside.  But do they really know what I want? Do they understand my goals? My desires? My needs?

I look at this short article about what Twitter could have been.  It’s just an opinion, that’s fine, but it kind of makes me sad the way Twitter has headed to an spammy advertising model, at least partly.  Sure, Twitter has done well on the face of it, but I wonder if the founders are truly happy with the direction it has taken.  In their heart, if they could have done, would they have focused APIs rather than ads?  Have the big corporations won again because they hold the advertising purse strings?

This video touches on the topic nicely.

Rob Fitzpatrick - The bootstrap challenge from HN London on Vimeo.