Small things can really make someone’s day.

A compliment.

A pat on the back.

A thank you.

Mostly people don’t bother, think it won’t make a difference.  This is a shame.  I’d really recommend it.  Perhaps commit yourself to going that extra mile for someone once a week…what’s the worst that could happen? 🙂

I’ve been putting in some decent work into creating some testing related MindMaps over on The Ministry of Testing, check them out! This is what made my day, in an email from Matt:

A few days ago, I visited one of the testers on another team and he had one of your mind maps on his desk.  I think it was the mobile testing one.  I asked him if he knew the author and when he said “no” I gave him your name, which obviously instantly went into Google.  When I left him 10 minutes later, he had browsers open with the STC, TTP and MOT.  I’m not sure he got much work done that afternoon, but it’s probably done wonders for his personal growth 🙂

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me motivated 🙂