###This is Tom Daley, puppet by Ben for school project #tomdaley Consumption is easy.

Everyone is fighting for your attention and pennies. It’s easy to get distracted.

Consumption can be great.

But often it is wasted time and money.

Creation is different.


When you make something you feel proud, no matter how big or small it is, the process and feeling it gives you is one of positiveness.

I made an olympic torch with my son. And a puppet of Tom Daley.  It was fun. And we learned things along the way.

I’ve also been writing more recently. Blog posts. Articles. Creating MindMaps. And publishing them.

This is creation. And the process is great. Great for learning. Not just about what I”m creating, but how I am doing it, and the result of it once it is published.  The feedback, good and bad, is always an insightful process.

Consume with focus

I don’t feel great about myself when I consume without direction.

So my moto is, that I will consume with a focus and the intention to create. Not just consume mindlessly.