Perhaps a funny question on the face of it, but it’s something I get asked alot.

“Do you do all the design of the Software Testing Club monsters?”

The short answer is ‘no’, but then I go into a rant.

And here it is.

The face of the software testing industry is dull. Very dull.

When you compare it to what developers and designers can produce, what us testers produce is DULL.

Part of the problem is that as testers we usually don’t have that skill to create something.  We love to critique.  We think we know good design when we see it and are happy to point out bugs and problems of software we test.  But when it comes to the creation of our own stuff, it’s DULL.

Sure, the information we put out is valid, and often interesting. But on the face of it, it is DULL.

The only people who (usually) read it are testers, because it is DULL.

You want to learn about testing? It’s all about the text. Whilst other industries are moving towards more captivating content - well presented videos, infographics, nicely designed *stuff*, presentations that are not full of text…we are still outputting the same old stuff.

Then we also try to design software, which also ends up being DULL.

No wonder our industry is viewed as DULL.

No wonder I get odd looks when I go to a web conference and say that I test software…“You What?!” is what they say.

So, no, I don’t design the monsters. Or The Testing Planet. Or The Test Ninjas.  I have my vision and I work closely with a lovely designer to produce stuff.

Please consider working along side a (trendy) designer or developer when producing your stuff!