I recently realised I’ve been a member of Flickr for 6 years. That has made me feel old.

Check out my first photo.


You can see where it was taken. And what camera was used, hah. Needless to see, 99% of my photos have been taken on phones.

I’m not a professional photographer, don’t seek to be one, but the ability to share photos in a social way is what Flickr did so well, at the time.

So, it’s a shame to see Flickr lack any kind of decent progression. It’s been over taken by Facebook, Instagram, and Picassa.

But for me, the thing that is making me jump from being a paid Flickr user is actually G+.

I had long been wanting for a way for my photos to automagically upload to the internet straight from my phone. Somewhere to store them. Archive them. Back them up. Organise.

Sure, there’s DropBox. Amazon S3. Perhaps many other places to store photos. But here’s the deal - I wanted all my photos uploaded automatically, without any action on my part and placed in a private place for me to sort when I have the time.

I had tried uploading a bunch of pictures to Flickr via my phone, and it was full of fail, despite trying several different apps. It would often time out and it was hard to tell which ones were successfully uploaded.

As I was thinking this, I noticed that G+ actually did an automatic upload via their iPhone app. How convenient.

So I take videos or photos on my iPhone and when I log into my G+ account, they just magically appear in a private folder.

In addition to this, I get a nice little prompt that asks whether I would like to share any of my recent photos. Nice little touch, I think.

I don’t know how to explain how awesome this is. I’m already smiling at the huge backlog of photos I’ve set it to upload - all 6,000+ of them. Yup, I take a lot of photos.

It’s me logging my life. It’s important to me. Photos, more than most things are precious to me.

G+ is not perfect by any stretch. But implementing things like this, things that matter to the user, give me the confidence that it will be a continuing trend.

The issue of getting my photos off of Flickr still remains, but I plan try this technique out.

Hello G+. Bye Flickr.