I find the whole movement of mum/mom/mother bloggers intriguing.

RWW says that The Best Mother’s Day Gift Is A Six-Figure Blogging Income - and I suspect this is true to some extent. But it would be true for Father’s day too.

I guess many people love the idea of making money from blogging. The reality of this happening is few and far between. And the ones that claim to make money often feel somewhat sleazy - in it to make a quick buck with affiliates, advertorials and advertising.

Of course, I’m generalising here. And I’m not here to offend anyone.

What I would love to see more is the concept of making money from blogging as something of the past. Sure blogging can be a part of it, but I can’t help but think that if people/mums saw themselves as setting up as (micro)businesses then perhaps they would benefit in many more ways - the simple fact that they are ‘in business’ will put people in a different mindset. A mindset to learn. To grow. As an individual and as a business.

The web can be a fantastic place for mums to make a living. Blogging isn’t the only way. And relying on brands to make a pittance, I suspect, is not where most people want to be.