It’s Sunday night (or Monday very early, jetlag!) and I’ve been back from my Workliday a couple of days now.

How did it go?

Mostly good as I didn’t do too much work at all.

Was travelling with the (3) kids exhausting?

Yes. I’m now trying to figure out how to get that relaxing holiday that my husband and I need!  The hardest part was my youngest, 11 months, who was and seems to have grown even more attached to me.  It felt like he was constantly glued to me, probably because he was!

Was I in a different mind set?

Yes. I didn’t think too much about the day to day stuff that needed doing.  I was managing a couple of small testing projects. Ensuring new subscriptions of The Testing Planet were going smoothly. And attending to some @testingclub marketing type activities that we do.  It was all mostly managed via email which was handy and we had constant access via my iPad, so that worked out ok.  The positive thing for me was the ability to think about things a bit more deeply.  It’s a bit of a time of reflection as it is just a short time after our first training event and conference/TestBash via Ministry of Testing.  It’s important to reflect on these things, take a step back and see where we can go next.

I didn’t really have much time to read.  But I did do some writing.  A few blog posts here and some more personal/internal stuff.  Good stuff.

The holiday itself was great, mostly about catching up and meeting family members - it’s all too easy to let the years roll by without seeing important family members.

Did I only work when nothing else was planned?

95% of the time.  There were a couple of occassions where I was responding to important emails whilst I was out and about on excursions, but mostly it was all done in the evenings, spending around 30 minutes catching up on emails or whilst my husband was driving 🙂

It was definitely more of a holiday than a work time.  We travelled over 4,500 miles just within the US in a period of just under 4 weeks.  It was a pretty busy time, always something to do or be attending to.  It’s really nice to be back, it still feels a bit weird, but I love being back ‘at work’.  The work I do for @testingclub really motivates me and lifts me up.  Looking after kids full time has always been a challenge for me…I’m constantly trying to find the right balance between work and family life.

Inbox Chaos

One thing became more obvious, my email inbox gets a load of cr*p.  Not checking emails as frequently and being in a different timezone made this even more apparent.  I really need to filter, sort and unsubscribe to lots of stuff!

It’s something I would like to do more of and should get easier as my youngest one grows up a bit!