So, I’m on my workliday.

I’ve got a 11 month old baby, he’s difficult to get to sleep in a different cot and environment every few days, so we have been opting for the walking and getting him to sleep in the buggy.

It has meant walking up and down a few hotel hallways.

The Sheraton in Florida was first. Not much to report there.  Everything in those types of hotels are pretty nice and very much adhere to nice standards.

But then we stopped in a Great Western hotel in Charleston.  A bit of a drop in classy-ness from the Sheraton, but the hallway walks got a bit interesting, for me at least 🙂

For your reference, here is the hallway I walked up and down several times:

Photo 05-04-2012 05 20 50

I got a bit bored and started looking at things in more detail. That was when I noticed that many of the rooms had different door layouts.  And of course I had to take some pictures, smiling as I was going.  Here is what I saw.


They are all doors in the hallway of the hotel.  Yet all of them are different.

Which one is the correct one?

I have my own thoughts, but thought it would be interesting to get yours first 🙂