Those around me know how much I wanted the TestBash to go smoothly.

And it happened, and I’m so chuffed to bits.

Awesome is a good word to use.

A good size gathering, about 65 of us. Not too big, not too small.

I met people! Like Phil Kirkham who has been helping out with STC for over 4 years and he doesn’t live too far away! We met, we met and we have the photos to prove it! And David Evans. And Alan Richardson. And Steve Green. And Markus Gaertner. And Huib Schoots. And many others.

And the talks and discussions were great too.

See photos here!

All great stuff, and a proper and more formal blog post coming soon on STC, but thought it was important to get something informal up.

And the reason it took me so long?  I’m a bit busy taking some holidays with the family in the US.  Or a workiday as I call it.

It’s been a bit manic!

Thanks all!