For Software Testing Club stuff I use MailChimp.  And the Chimp is so lovely, almost makes my heart melt.  I wish I had one of my own!

But seriously, in a non-serious kind of way it’s like I have been building up this relationship with a non existing chimp.  Everytime I login into MailChimp (sometimes daily), I get a greeting like one of these:

I mean, how could you not develop a bond with something like this? 🙂  I am always interested in what Mr MailChimp has to say, even when it is a really pointless and funny link to a YouTube video.

All of this messaging continues throughout their brand.  For example, when I send an email campaign they tell me how awesome I am and give me a ‘high five’. Or when new people sign up to our mailing list they say ‘Nice’.

Every time I use their software I end up smiling at one point or another.

I raised my first support question to them the other day (I had a problem with getting a form to appear on my website which is run on WordPress), and it’s probably not surprising because I am writing this blog post, but their response made me smile as well.

Here it is:

Their language made me happy. Their simple response made me happy. And of course a direct simple solution was there too.

But most of all, and I don’t know why it pleased me so much, but their customer support matches their online branding/ethos/thing-a-ma-jig.

I think this is cool.