Nope, this is not a new years resolution.  Just my ideas at this stage which are likely to adapt and evolve.

Blog more on Rosie Land

I’ve been a bit slack here for the past couple of years.  Part of it has been personal reasons. Other parts has been the ‘confusion in my head’ of who I am, what I do and therefore what should I write about.

I’ll probably blog on topics and challenges that I will be facing in the year to come - (lean) startups, business growth, community building and the social web.

Perhaps even software testing stuff too (!), but even this I’ve started to shift over to The Testing Planet website.  I am interested in lean startups and testing.  So hopefully will have some juicyness for that this coming year.

Software Testing Club

Blog more regularly on @testingclub blog - with a plan to update frequently and openly on progress we are making.  I’d really like to become more transparent and open with things we are doing.

I am also increasingly having more intimate conversations with people within @testingclub.  I plan to reach out more.  I have started this and am loving the feedback I am getting.  It is really helping develop our thoughts for moving Software Testing Club, Testing Planet and Minsitry of Testing forward.  Lots of this is via one to one email or a private Google Group we have set up.  If you are interested then drop me an email.

Twitter is cool, but…

I’ve had issues with Twitter for a while.  I find it too hard to keep up with all the good stuff and then even harder searching for stuff.  I will still be there, trying to keep up, but just feel like I can’t give it justice, haven’t done so really for the past year and a half.

I mentioned this in my last post.  This year my focus will be on blogging and on Google+.  Add me to your circle(s)!

Mama Sherry

In case you are interested in my personal life, you can follow me on Mama Sherry. Having a new addition to the family has really given me the incentive to start something more personal to help me remember and to help pass on to the kids.  I keep kidding myself that I’ll remember all these things that happen in life, but the reality is I don’t.

I’ve also started using Path for those things that I just can’t share online!