A great post (Robert Scoble would call it a blog post) about whether blogging is dead or not.

Both Facebook and Google+, this year, added the ability to do long-form writing inside a social network. I’d argue that’s causing a new age of blogging: one that is free of commercial concerns. How many of you have clicked on a link to read a news article, or a long opinion piece, and found it hidden behind an ad, or, worse, split up into little pages so you gotta click “next” just to read the next few paragraphs. Both of those behaviors are because the business model for content developers is so dismal that we gotta do very anti-reader things just to make a buck.

I’ve definitely noticed a trend in the past couple of years. It is getting harder and harder to drive traffic to websites.  A tweet a year ago carried much more value than the same tweet does today.

I’m constantly reviewing traffic that I drive to @testingclub.  In the early days LinkedIn was great. Then that faded a bit and along came Twitter.  Now that is fading. Facebook is picking up  a bit in that sense.  Perhaps the next focus should be G+.

I know from a personal level I’m get frustrated at the very ‘temporary’ nature of Twitter.  If you don’t keep up with it you lose out.  Following conversations is a nightmare too. It’s gotten to the stage where I’ve mostly given up trying to keep on top of Twitter.

And then some people say ‘that’s the way Twitter is, you don’t need to consume everything’. And yes *I* know that, but it would still make my life much easier if Twitter was more searchable and conversations easier to keep track of.

And, oh, it really gripes me when people say, ‘oh, you didn’t know? Well, I posted it on Twitter.’ Sigh.

I like the long form of social media that G+ provides. I just need to make a habit of it and make it more part of my day.

Maybe some more of my *friends* will join me 🙂

I’m not giving up my blog btw - as much as a pain it might be, I will need to keep sharing stuff I do and create via my blog and whatever social network  or solution works best at that given moment.