Interesting article on Forbes asking whether Education will be the next industry to be killed by the internet.

Some valid points are highlighted on how things are changing with the likes of MIT and London School of Economics offering (or planning on offering) online content, education, discussions, certificates, etc and all free or at a much lower price as the more traditional/current/standard face to face education that costs a fortune.

Will education industry be killed? I don’t think so. What the article describes is the industry not being killed, but merely adapting and changing with the times. The music industry hasn’t been killed, it’s adapting.

Will the education industry feel pain? Probably yes, just like the publishing and music industry are.

Online stuff breaks down barriers, but face to face opportunities should not be forgotten about. Sure they can be reduced, but the value of meeting up face to face is immense.

I relate it to myself. I’m a self starter. Self learner. I work mostly virtually. I learn mostly virtually. But I still love and gain alot from going out to events, meeting people, coworking, etc.

The internetz and the people need each other.