We use DropBox for producing The Testing Planet. Being a virtual team it is very handy!

One thing about working virtually is that it can be quite hard to know if someone has started on something or what stage they are on a certain project. With The Testing Planet it is a case of managing, editing and creating lots of images and files - very well suited for DropBox.

The handy thing is I get automatic updates of things that are happening. If a new file has been added, edited or removed. It’s quite handy because I can then know:

  • who else is involved in the reviewing, editing and designing of The Testing Planet
  • if articles are being submitted (or not!)
  • articles are being edited
  • when new images have been created
  • the progress of the publication as a whole

And all of this without actually sending emails or chatting with anyone. I can just see it all happening.

Thomas Harvey called it Drop Box Stalking. I like that term 🙂