• The Software Testing Club didn’t just grow on it’s own.
  • The Software Testing Club Meetups don’t just happen.
  • The Testing Planet isn’t a 5 minute job.
  • The Brighton Girl Geek Dinners I once organised, didn’t just happen on their own.
  • People don’t flock to coworking spaces just because they exist.
  • Events don’t just happen.
  • Blogs don’t just become popular overnight.
  • Successful business are not founded on just good ideas.
  • You don’t become good at what you do in a day.

All of these take time. Consistent hard work. Sometimes talent.  Sometimes innovation.  But most definitely a commitment to make something happen.  It’s all too easy to just give up.  To do that ‘important job’ another day.

You will find this across many things in life. A business. A career. A hobby….And it doesn’t mean you won’t fail, your chances are just that bit higher! 🙂