There’s a common saying on the web that ‘content is king’.  Without good content your website will *suck*.

I think this was more true in the *olden days*.  You know, as little as 3 years ago - when the social web wasn’t as mainstream as it is now. It is still partially true, but it just doesn’t complete the whole picture.

My theory is that content is just one of The 3 Kings.

The 3 Kings<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">Drawn on my iPad 🙂</figcaption></figure>


So here we have:


A pretty crucial part. It needs to be interesting. Engaging. Fresh. SEO optimised. Unique. Etc.


Nothing worse than coming across some great content, but the design lets it down.

  • Has thought been put into the layout of the content?
  • Is the design modern?
  • Is it structured correctly?
  • Is it easy on the eye?
  • Is it readable?
  • Is it easy to find out about the person or people behind the website/content?
  • How do you find out more?
  • How do you subscribe to their RSS, Twitter, etc?

There is often a fine line between design and marketing…


Many people will run away from this concept and I personally am not sure if ‘marketing’ is the right word.  Initally I was going to call it ‘relationships’, but felt like that was only part of the story.

Having great content that is well designed just isn’t enough.  To really make it a success it needs to be ‘marketed’. That’s the truth. Yes, some things can go viral on their own, but the average bit of content that does get popular happens because there has been some creative and effective marketing done in the background.

What’s involved in marketing?

  • Relationships that have already been built - in real life and online
  • Reaching out to new people, constantly
  • Finding creative ways for people to talk about you
  • How do you make best use of your relationships?
  • Is there a strategy for specific bits of content?
  • What are other people saying about the website?
  • Just a tweet is not (usually) enough (especially if you don’t have any friends) - how else will you spread the word online? LinkedIn (groups)? G+? Facebook?
  • And when you do spread the word online, will you make sure it is about engaging with people and following up the conversation, rather than just broadcasting your message?  Engaging takes time/effort and gets results. Broadcasting is quick and easy - the results are not usually that good.

A full list of marketing tips requires an additonal post (or book!).  Take this as a guide - hopefully the overview of The 3 Kings has helped 🙂