This is my daily routine of moderation with the Software Testing Club.  I’m sure this could easily put people off running a community, but it is essential to maintaining the quality of people and content.  Note that this is just spam prevention - what needs to be done before we can even start doing other more fun stuff:

  • Review every member that joins STC.
  • Review most posts from members, especially new members.
  • Review comments on blog.
  • Review comments on The Testing Planet (lots of spam!)
  • Review every single comment/discussion on LinkedIn group
  • Delete many posts to LinkedIn group, but first drop them an email explaining where to post their jobs, events, marketing stuff to.
  • Review posts on Facebook group
  • Review every job on the job board, some spam has started to leak through 🙁
  • When someone joins our Meetup group I check to see they are genuine
  • Every change to the wiki sends me an email - this needs to be quickly checked to ensure this is not caused by a spammer
  • We have a Google map of testers - it’s a bit of fun, I don’t check in too often, but when I do there always seems to be a few sneaky spam locations.  Who would’ve thought?  I checked in there today and am convince someone has been testing it!

Luckily I can do most of this from wherever I am.  However, I don’t do it all myself.  Big thanks to The Team for helping out.

There’s a whole other list of things that need to be done just to keep people aware of everything that is going on - I guess, in the traditional sense, this is called marketing. That will have to be for another time 🙂