An interesting added feature came live for me and The Software Testing Club Facebook page today.

It’s a simple added stat that shows the number of *interactions* that have happened on the page.  Interactions include things like *likes*, comments, photos posted, etc.

The metric is worth keeping an eye on and it gives myself and visitors and overall idea about how popular the page is.

For me it gives me an incentive to figure out ways to interact and engage more with our Facebook ‘followers’.  It’s also quite handy as it is easy to check out other pages and see how well they are doing.

Most people probably don’t realise, but these interactions that people make are really important for me/STC because it helps us understand better what people like or don’t like.

So if you do ever visit our Facebook page (there are lots of interesting links there, ya know) be sure to like what we post or leave a comment with some kind of feedback or interesting thing to say 🙂