Rosie & Codie This whole topic of juggling babies with modern day life has resurfaced itself for me.  Obviously it is not a coincidence, it’s all to do with Sherry #3.

And with a new baby I think again about how I can get out and involved with events.  It’s always a tricky one, that is never straightforward and often stressful, at least for the mother involved 🙂

With my two previous boys I was never really in the position or mindframe to take them to events with me.  At that stage I wasn’t really participating in events and didn’t have the confidence to take them out with me, but that was 6/7 years ago now.  Things have changed since then where I have been much more active in organising and attending web and software testing related events for the past 5 years or so.

Now that I am juggling young baby-ness again, it has made me think about all the challenges that are involved. And also how much more willing and confident I am to just ask and/or bring a baby or kid along to an event.  This is not something I would have done in the past and probably not something most mothers would do.

I think, as a community, we should be encouraging women/families more.  Of course, this includes men wanting to bring kids along too, women is just a generalisation.  It by no way means that events would get overtaken by children, I think most parents wouldn’t let this happen 🙂

The reality is often that event organisers don’t actually mind having kids/babies around, as long as they don’t ruin the event for others, but this is rarely communicated.

I now ask the organisers of events if it is ok to come along with my baby.  No one has said no to me yet, but should I have to ask?

So, I thought why not have a sign showing an event is ‘kid friendly’?  Much like the Disabled sign we are all so familiar with. Or like a more recent ‘Breastfeeding Friendly’ sign that many public locations are promoting?



Would this encourage more women to come along to events?