Throughout my years of researching and participating on the social web I’ve increasingly found ways to judge organisations from the way they communicate.

And here I present the most popular things that organisations do to annoy me on the social internetz.

Claiming Huge Popularity

We are the best. We are the first. We are the most innovative. We are the biggest. We are the most popular. We have the best selling software/book/magazine/ebook/service.[insert product here]

Whatever the claim, they are probably a) untrue b) if they are true the claims don’t actually add value to the user experience.  E.g. being the biggest often means you can’t provide the customer care that is really needed.

Launching….still launching…still launching…

I’ve seen it time and time again. Launch pages that never launch.  Or when they do there is huge disappointment.   It’s a classic of ‘launch and they will come’, but all too often it is ‘launch and some came and most left pretty darn quickly’.

The ones who want big social stats

Those that follow on Twitter. Don’t bother to reach out. Wonder why they are not being followed back, then unfollow again.

Or those that follow using some dodgy marketing software to automate follows.

Or those that insist on gettin a following even if the audience is irrelevant.

They can still take their social media stats to their bosses and claim success…and keep their jobs?  It is all too easy to collect and show the wrong data to make yourself look good.

Hey, look at us…

We’re on this social network. And that one. Follow us. Like us. Subscribe. Go on. Please do spend your time doing it.  It makes our numbers look good.  Oh, what, we’re supposed to update these things? And respond to what people are saying on the internetz?

Everyone else is doing it…

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I have spoken to people who feel totally under pressure to create a bigger social media presence.  Of course it’s understanding why people feel the pressure, especially when all people talk about are the success stories - the people and organisations that have really won through the social web.  Yet with every winner out there, there are probably a million losers.  These are attempts at being *social* not being understood properly or given the right backing.  You only have to look at the amount of dead Twitter accounts or Facebook pages out there.

If only people understood that this actually makes them look worse than doing nothing at all.