There’s no shortage of times where I wished I had more tangible memories from the past.  I barely have any photos of me or my family growing up. Videos are non-existent.  On the very rare occasion I come across an old photo, though now this is more likely to happen when someone tags me on Facebook rather than discovering a hidden stash of photos in one of my family’s houses scattered across the globe.

I grew up living in several different countries. My dad was Irish. My mum is Colombian.  In a non internet age this basically meant along the way our tangible memories were lost.  This makes me sad, especially as I get older it gets more apparent how easy it is to forget.  And of course when people leave us unexpectedly we yearn more for proof of those memories.

The physical objects are so important. Written words. Documents. Photos. Videos… Yet in present day it is easy to dismiss them as irrelevant. Life is too busy to capture, log and organise the now.

5 weeks ago I gave birth to my 3rd son.  It has sent me into a renewed motivation to capture those young family years.  I got quite emotional looking back at the family photo albums I have created online - smiling at the memories I had so easily forgotten about.  Life got in the way of me consistently updating these photos in the past year or so.  I now have regrets about it.  I wish I had done more.

And now that I dwell upon it. I wish I had done more than take photos. Not for my sake, but more for something to leave behind to the kids.

For me, Flickr has been great.  I’ve used it mostly for photos.  I have now started using their video functionality.  My next thing is to write more - this could also be easily incorporated into Flickr.

Flickr is embedded into my lifestyle, a habit that is already there.  It doesn’t feel like work maintaining it (whereas a blog does all too often feel like a chore).  

However, I do often wonder what would be the best thing for my family in the future.  I currently have all content open.  Will my boys hate me for it in the future? Will they *force* me to remove or make it private? Will Flickr even be here in 10, 20, 30 years time?

All important things to think about.

Google play on this topic in their recent TV ad.