Life tests you out in so many different ways. Obviously this time of year is one for reflection 🙂

I’ve spent the past 2 - 3 years putting myself on the backbench.  Trying to do stuff and putting others first.  Giving and not taking.  It could have been the right thing within the right circumstances, but actually it didn’t do me as many favours as I was hoping for.

It’s all been a good experience and many lessons learned, but I’ll definitely choose to do things differently next time.

Next time I’m going to be selfish.

And next time is now:

  • and I come first (along with my family)
  • I set the rules, nothing less will be good enough
  • I work at my own pace
  • I won’t accept anything less than what I believe is right (and best)
  • I will ensure my standards are adhered to
  • I will only work on the stuff that makes me happy
  • I will make sure I spend time doing the things I enjoy
  • I will have fun
  • I will be creative
  • I work with others, but I am my own boss.

And actually, it’s not really about me being selfish.  It’s about me finding the place I need to be happy.  If I’m happy the people that surround me in my work and professional life will naturally receive the goodness of what I do.  And what I do will be even better because I will feel content within myself.

Perhaps all a bit of cheese.  But that’s ok. I don’t mind.

Our family took some time out for 3 months. We had our time to reflect and needed a fresh start.  Now I feel ready to focus on the things that I feel matter. And ditching all the ones that drain me.

The future is Rosie?  Now that’s selfish! 😉