The past few months have been very interesting on The Software Testing Club front.  There’s a great community behind it and this is what makes it so much fun to run.  All jobs should be this much fun.  Am super proud at what the community has created.

I blame Rob for where it has headed now.  At least partly 🙂  It is very very very hard to find someone to work with on any venture.  Apart from finding someone at the right time, there is always a compatibility thing that needs to be considered from many angles. I say this from experience too.  Rob has really shown the passion and creativity to help us both push each other to the next level.  To constantly improve and create at every possible opportunity. I believe it is a good sign that we both communicate and nag each other on a constant basis.  Now 1 year on (I think?!) we are both eager to push it even more PLUS we have the confidence and trust that we can both commit to what we will do.

The past year has seen us focus on a few thing:

The Crowd

The Crowd - Super SceneThis was previously called Flash Mob Testing.  Currently a service where we pull together testers for an online testing project for a fee.  We are charging £30 per hour and pay our testers on an hourly basis.  We have had a few small scale projects which have had positive feedback.  And financially it seems to work for us and the testers. Currently we are looking into striking a balance of us managing projects and us putting testers and companies in contact directly.  We believe we have a good solution for this, which will be announced fairly soon.  The Software Testing Job Board we launched recently is also compatible to our desire to connect testers to companies.

The Testing Planet

This has been fun!  Though a lot of hard work!  The first issue was a magazine. Then we turned it into a newspaper because we could get them printed with The Newspaper Club and because we thought it was cool 🙂  We have a designer who was our intern, but is now freelancing with us.  He has done a fab job keeping the fun and funkyness of our brand.  And we thought that it would only make sense to put all the content on to a website to make it even more accessible, so we created The Testing Planet website.  All the content has come from contributions from our community, of course.

Social Marketing Services

As the popularity of our community and content grows we are increasingly getting lovely feedback and becoming the seriously fun place to go for community and conversations within the software testing industry.  The Software Testing Club is always growing community, members and traffic wise. We have been working with a few companies to help them make the connections they need to.  So far this has been product, event and recruitment related.

There is still a way to go for STC to become a sustainable enterprise, but we do believe we are getting there.