We’re going on a long holiday soon.  Not quite sure how long it will last at this stage…however it does mean that we are ‘unschooling’ our two wonderful boys - currently aged 5 & 6.

Aaron (our 6 year old) is starting to read and write.  Ben still has a way to go, he can write his own name on his own and is happy to write other words with help.

We were really keen to log our experiences of our travel and are very conscious that it is a family experience, so it only makes sense that everyone participates!  Of course, with kids we have to think about their capabilities.

Our Jolly Wicked website is named after a term our boys used to describe things as very cool.  We think our trip will be jolly wicked too.  And all the more wicked with our boys logging their view of the world.

We opted to use Tumblr because it is very user friendly and astonishingly easy for the kids to post content through an iPhone, this is because:

  • there is a Tumblr iPhone app
  • the iPhone takes pictures and videos
  • the Tumblr iPhone app can easily use pictures and videos for sources of content
  • nice graphics make it easy for the kids to understand what they are doing
  • we have chosen a very visual template to encourage the use of photos and videos (at least initially) for the boys
  • our kids say some nice and funny things sometimes, so Tumblr’s quote feature comes in handy and gives our boys the option to write something short

It is experimental.  It is educational.  And in years to come it will be a great resource to look back on.  We’ve all had a go at posting something and it has been successful so far.

In the future, when my boys turn 18, they can tell their future employer/university/clients that they have been blogging for 12/13 years 🙂