Many of us have Pi = 3.14159265… drummed into our heads.

There’s probably numerous other extremely other important things drummed into our heads.  I remember Pi and doing maths related around to it.  It wasn’t difficult at the time.

My sons were telling us what Pi was.  They’re too young to actually make sense of it, but they could tell us it was 3.14….  Which made me think - what does Pi really mean?  What’s the point of it?  I honestly couldn’t remember.

What does it mean now?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Unless of course I happen to need it for something in life.  If this did happen I can picture  a teacher sitting on my shoulder saying “see, I told you needed to know that”.  Of course, it’s all irrelevant.  If I did needed to know how to apply Pi to a situation, well I’d just go look it up.  Probably starting at Wikipedia.

At school, if you don’t know the answers you quite simply fail.

In real life, if you don’t know them you figure stuff out and apply them as necessary to real life.

It’s kind of obvious there’s a huge mismatch between school and life, which is disappointing. Sometimes I feel I am the only one who sees it.

And I’m not bigging up a different approach.  Through experience with my boys, I find that everyone is different.  Traditional school may be ok for many.  And that’s fine.  But even choosing private, small, child-led or homeschooling isn’t always the answer.

I look at my eldest and despite our efforts, he has been bored and unhappy.  He does well academically at school, but could be doing so much more and better. We could say tough, stick with it, that’s life, but our heart tells us something else.  When he is happy and engaged he turns into such a different boy.  We have found an entrepreneur in him.  He loves maths and is mostly motivated when it comes to money and figuring out how he can get some to get to his end goal - usually toys at this stage.

I’m pretty convinced that many kids could learn all they needed to know by doing stuff. Projects. Small businesses.  Think of all the skills involved in doing it.  Many of them never taught at school.

It’s never a one size fits all, but think it suits my son quite well.  The following video goes into further detail.

I think there may be an coming soon 🙂