It’s gives me a feel good feeling when things work out.

I started out the Software Testing Club as a hobby thing.  Along the way I came across some really cool people. We wanted to do similar things so we thought we’d group together on a project or two or three (!) to see if we could make more happen together.

I’ve only physically met one of the guys (Rob), and that was just fairly briefly at a SIGIST conference. I’ve never met Phil even though he has been Community Manager at Software Testing Club for quite a while now…at least a year…?  Joel lives in Israel, not sure if he has been to the UK recently, perhaps we will cross paths one day.

Of course the internet is great for this stuff.  Over the past few months I think it would be fair to say that we all feel like we know each other quite well.  Perhaps a sign when we feel we know one another is when we can take the piss out of each other…we’ve done that, at least with Rob being the target 🙂

We’ve mostly been working on The Software Testing Club Magazine (and other stuff that we best not talk about incase someone tries to steal our words and ideas again).  As the content is shaping up, we will start to see what can be done next for The Software Testing Club.

We don’t use many tools, but you may be interested to know what we are using:

We started out with lots of emails and quickly felt overloaded.

Yammer has replaced 90% of email.

Google Docs is used to manage documents (e.g. Article submissions)

Skype is used for weekly conference calls.  Though it was a bit flaky and unreliable so we opted for Go To Meeting (because Joel already had an account) and it seemed to work more reliably.

We stick notes from meetings into Skype and then Yammer.

That’s it really.