So much has been going on the past few months it is easy to forget where I was 6 months or a year ago.

At the beginning of the year Lewes Werks started.  I’m now busy running it on a day to day basis and decided that Lewes Werks would be my main and only focus with coworking.  This means the other lovely coworking spaces are down to the lovely people that run them, not me, it was stretching me too far.  Our goal as a family was to be locally based (ie in Lewes) and to do most our day to day activities within the town.

As a result I haven’t had the chance to be in Brighton much this year. Between Lewes Werks, school runs (made a commitment to spend more time with my boys and not hire help in) and my work there isn’t really much left.  Besides Lewes is lovely 🙂

After spending a lot of time too much time doing things for ‘whuffie’ I had to get serious and start earning some real dosh.  At the moment this involves an increasing amount of web coaching - ie helping people practically get the best out of the web. Social media/web marketing (as much as I hate the term, it is what people understand). Using WordPress for (all) the websites we are creating. Community Building and Engagement consultancy.  And of course working with our network of peeps to deliver these projects.

The Software Testing Club is also increasingly becoming a bigger part of my working life.  Every week and month it seems to get more exciting. More ideas. More people getting involved and helping it go further.  In the immediate pipeline we are focusing on the Software Testing Club Magazine, The Exchange, Tester Types ebook, membership services and Crowd Sourced Testing services.  I am embracing the whole idea of collaboration and working with several other people to help make this happen.  It is fun, exciting and challenging. 🙂

And of course the fun of Lewes Werks continues.  The vibe that is growing here is lovely and inspiring.

One day I will learn to slow down, and I am learning to.  Problem is I have the nagging feeling to get a couple new projects off the ground. One day perhaps.