Next week my boys start a new year at Lewes New School.

I’m excited because it marks a big change for moi.

My eldest is soon to be a whooping 6 years old.  That means it has been around 6.5 years since I felt the loving yet physically difficult pregnancy that really changes everything.

It’s also been 6.5 years of chaos and child juggling, shedding out way too much money on child care and working too late to only regret it in the morning when it’s just not possible to have a lie in.

The cost of being a parent!

More importantly it has been 6.5 years of figuring out who I am and what I want to do.  I feel I am getting there now, despite the difficulty that family life often brings with trying to balance a business.

However, it all changes next week.  Both my boys will be in full time school.  It leaves me with lots (more)  time to focus on more business-y stuff without feeling guilty.  That extra time is not yet a full working day as most people know it.  It is still just school hours.  But that makes me happy and that’s what I want.

What am I going to do with all the extra time?  Party anyone? 🙂

So expect more from Schux. Flash Mob Testing. Software Testing Club. Lewes Werks. (Revamp and re-focus of) Project Brighton. And more…!

(I don’t make it easy for myself, do I?)