…to have a workspace

…that I go into when need be

…have the opportunity to work, meet and learn

…for it to be big enough to have several things going on at one time

…to have a creche

…a mixture of a work and education place

…a place where my boys can hang out too (instead of sending them to school)

…there could be classes/activities going on at all times where people/kids could dip in and out as they wish

…there would be space for messy, tidy, food, health, fitness stuff.

…there would be balance

…some things would be free, others would not

…people would do things for each other because they can

…people would learn from each other

…people would work together and build organisations

…it would be easy to dip in and out of so many things, experience and experiment

…people would have fun, good conversation and lasting friendship

…and much more!

It almost sounds impossible or unreal, but isn’t most of the above how life use to be?