I love my work. I love doing all the werkshop things as well.  And of course I love my family.

However, I struggle.

I want to be there for my kids, but I also want to work. Kids have (lots of) holidays. Kids get poorly.

It’s often difficult to make it work legistically and quite often people run a mile when I state my terms of working.  I’m sure I’ll get there someday.

However, if I’m in this position.  I’m sure many other working parents are too.  I never stop thinking how I could try to make it work better for myself and then consequently other parents too.  There must be a better way that doesn’t involve setting up a franchise to sell baby stuff to locals or friends.  Yuk.

I’m sure if we looked into it deeply we would find a lot more.  For example, I know that in the past when I applied for work I felt I couldn’t tell people about my personal needs (ie. flexibility, work from home sometimes, etc).  I think recruitment agencies are especially responsible for not putting enough of us working parents forward for opportunities.  Louise Hewitt expressed it as well.  So hopefully it’s not just myself and her.

I know that as I build up my own freelance work and projects I’ll increasingly be in a stronger postion, but ain’t it hard?

The point of this?

Keen to hear from others in similar position, thoughts and stories.  I’m sure things can be improved and am working towards and experimenting with this at Lewes Werks.  It’s sometimes nice to know that I’m not the only one in this position 🙂