I love freecycle.  Mostly to get rid of stuff, but on the odd occasion to get things too.

I stopped using it for quite a while mostly because of rude people, sob stories and people not showing up.  It seemed to happen all too often and was such a waste of my precious rosie time.

I’m going back to freecyle now as a result of having clearout stuff in an attempt to move to Lewes.  I’ve opted to take a systematic approach, which involves some or all of the following:

  • deleting any sob stories, etc…
  • I leave at least 12 hours before responding to anything.  I don’t believe in the first come, first serve rule that freecycle have (or had?)
  • checking to see if the person has contributed to the freecycle community.  If they have they have a greater chance of getting the item. (This is the point with the greatest value).
  • a quick Google search to see if I can find out who they are.  Admittedly this isn’t entirely fair, but the person I just gave something to is on Twitter, has a website and is involved in charity work.  That did help me make the final decision.