Here’s a bit of whuffie love.

Those of you with kids will know that choosing any kind of care for them is difficult.  Some places are really “not very good” and it often takes parents a while to realise this.  I look back to when I was choosing a nursery and think that a positive/negative recommendation from anyone would have helped me through the process.

In this scenario, it’s a positive personal recommendation for Rottingdean Montessori (don’t judge a nursery by their website!) who take children from the age of 2.5.  It’s a hidden li’l gem ideal for those in the Newhaven/Peacehaven/Saltdean/Rottingdean/Ovingdean/East Brighton area.  Both my boys have spent a lot of time there.  The teachers are lovely, dedicated and committed - over the past 2 years the two main teachers have always been there, this is so important for young children.  This is reflected in how much the kids like their teachers!

The Montessori approach also maintains structure whilst still giving the children freedom to learn and express themselves at their own pace.

Check them out (if you have kids and are in the area!)