I do love Twitter, have always forgiven it in the past for being buggy and unreliable, but it seems now it’s reached a point where I say WTF?!? Why should I waste my time with this?

No seriously. I can’t use it reliably anymore. I want to communicate with people. I want to use it to update *stuff*, from IM, phone or web. I want to know that it will do what I expect it to. I could before, but not anymore.

It’s so full of bugs, that it has lost (almost) all value to me. All my confidence has been lost.

Of course the dilema is that there is value in the connections made and that’s the only thing that seems to be bringing me back to Twitter, but even that seems to be losing value as less people seem to be paying attention to it.

The natural thought would be to find something that would replace the Twitter fix. FriendFeed or Jaiku are the closest replacements I can think of. Plurk seems over complicated. Ideally we could get something that will easily export my Friends and Followers and import it into a Twitter clone, but perhaps this is an opportunity to think of other ways to communicate, go back to just blogging more regularly or perhaps to cut back on the noise entirely.

Ah, of course the funny thing is that this blog post will automatically get fed into my Twitter account.

Guess I’ll be blogging more often…