Since having kids I’ve put a lot more thought into the ‘education system’. I’ve never really liked it to begin with, but after years of thought and investigation I am definitely am less keen now.

Simply put - I don’t like the system, it sucks. It’s all wrong. Full of systems, processes and tests that doesn’t really consider the needs of the child/student.

All signs of creativity seem to have been pulled. Schools/teachers must do this. Must do that. Unable to wander about as they have to keep to a tight schedule. Learning is from books or inside a classroom, and the real world is forgotten.

Students from all stages of school/college/university are increasingly unprepared for the real world. They are taught everything seperately. History is taught as history. Maths is taught as maths. Science is taught as science.

Yet on their own these subjects often make little sense. Why not teach someone how to cook, or how to do woodwork? They’d naturally learn maths concepts as they go along and actually enjoy it.

Why get people to memorise so that they do well in exams, only to rapidly forget everything they have learnt and not be able to apply it to the real world?

Why are school/college/university graduates not prepared to enter the real world?

My eldest starts school in September. He’s learnt a lot since he was born (obviously!) and none of it is down to school. He’s learning to read & write at the moment and asks lots of question about everything - as kids do. It’s all off his own back. He wants to learn about the world around him. There’s no pressure and the pleasure he gets from it is obvious from the glow in his eyes.

It’s a natural instinct to want to learn and understand the world around. With a bit of encouragement, do we really need such a rigid and restrictive educational system?

I’ve opted for my boys to go to school elsewhere. It’s costing us when I don’t think it should. I would like to see a future where we have more choice. Where ‘educational establishments’ can truly put their learners first. Where people can have a choice.

I don’t see this yet. Perhaps my grandchildren will. That’s what I’m hoping and pushing for.