The past few days has seen alot of down time from Twitter.  In fact, according to Pingdom, Twitter has unsurprisingly had the most down time out of the most popular social networks.  People are becoming increasingly reliable on Twitter.  Where it was previously a bit of an inconvenience, it is becoming a hindrance for people who rely on it as a communication tool.

It’s natural to complain, but it’s also easy to forget.  Twitter are innovating, have a hugely popular tool and maintain the love and commitment from the community.   I don’t depend on Twitter, but many people do.  I do miss it when it’s not there, but don’t depend on it enough to move on.

Of course, it would become a problem for me if my personal network started moving elsewhere.  Jeremiah gives some thoughts for those considering on leaving.

BUT it’s a fast moving world.  Downtime is often out of anyone’s control, but managing a community is a human skill.

It appears Twitter is going to suffer from a very public and unhappy customer.  So far they haven’t dealt with it very well.  A reported abuse of Twitters T&Cs  from Ariel  has them resorting to amending their terms and getting lawyers involved instead of dealing with a clear case of harassment.

The community appears to be on Ariel’s side.  Some people may just vote with their feet as this help report describes.

How Twitter deals with this is crucial.