As I ponder in improving my website, (it’s something I’m not happy with at the moment), I’ve been thinking about how I should approach it.

Perhaps personal site phases have progressed something like:

  • Static site - Hey, look at me…isn’t this cool, I’ve got a (literally) flashy Geocities website.
  • Blogs  - I’ve got something to say, get updates, come, read and contribute.
  • Social Networks - I don’t really want to write anything, but do want to participate, network, be social and make connections.  My basic site shows you where I hang out.
  • Micro blogging - ie. Twitter.  A mini blog with social features.  I can say really small things that make a difference.
  • The personal network…?

Of course, these can all be mashed up and interconnected.  You might, for example, have a site that pulls rss feeds in from everywhere you ‘hang’ out.

WordPress or Ning?

From experience of using WordPress (e.g. Project Brighton) and Ning (e.g. Software Testing Club / Werkshop) I’m kind of torn between the two.


Apart from the flexibility, I love Ning for the community aspect.  If you want it enough you can build your own little community.  It doesn’t need to be big to be a success, often a small group is all it takes. Interaction, participation, collaboration, meeting up in real life…

It’s also really good at keeping anonymous people out, this could be spammers, or people who generally don’t add value to the community.

I don’t like Ning for their ads (which can be removed at a cost) and what appears to be their lack of ability to import my blog history (e.g. my blog posts from Typepad).  Am sure the importing/export issue will get addressed…in time.  They have actually been pretty good at improving their ‘app’.


Is just cool. Free ‘n’ easy to use, implement and modify.  Widgets come in all shapes and sizes to ensure we can pimp up our comfy li’l place.  Great for blogging and pulling in information/feeds from other networks. 

Ideal for the fanatical or occasional blogger, but when I’m looking for more than just a means to blog, well it’s missing that social aspect.  Yes, people can comment, but frankly that isn’t enough for me.

Big ego?

If I were to set up my main site ( as a Ning site, would it be seen as egotistical?  How would people feel about joining a network based around ‘me, me, me’?  A network based on what I am interested in. Interests which may change from day to day, month to month, year to year.

Does it sound selfish?

I think it does.

Does it really matter?