I got tagged exactly a month ago by Rowan.  It’s taken a while, but here goes…

  1. I once met Mother Teresa, in Czech whilst in flight transfer, I was young - about 10 or so.
  2. I’m half Irish, half Colombian, born in London, married to a Scotsman, living in Brighton person.
  3. Don’t have much when it comes to educational certifications.  Partly because of travel (that’s my excuse), but generally alot to do with schools & colleges being really crap.
  4. My second son was born after a one hour labour.
  5. You won’t ever catch me wearing a dress or skirt.
  6. I moved back to England (from Colombia) first chance I got, aged 18 on me own.
  7. I recently discovered that one of my teachers (when I was 11ish in Jakarta, Indonesia) discovered his bit of Nutter fame.
  8. I’m 29, have two kids, been married for almost 5 years and spent less than £500 getting married.

I’m supposed to choose other people to tag, but am going to cheat by saying: if you’re reading this YOU are tagged.

Please leave a comment if you do decide to accept the mission.