My business has been an interesting experiment over the past couple of years.  I didn’t call it an experiment at the beginning, but that’s what it has been and it’s what it continues to be.

The truth is, I think most things going on the world are experiments, some are just more predictable than others.  In the world of technology and the internet we all try guess what the future may hold, but that is what it all is, a guess - some more educated than others.  There is so much happening and changing constantly that it all just has to be an experiment for all of us.  I’m sure we’ve all seen things not go according to plan and said things like ‘why don’t we try this and see how it works?’

In the case of my software testing business I am trying several approaches (e.g: the club, blog, job board, Twitter and a FaceBook page) and they are all experimental.  Some just aren’t worth the effort, others magically take off and the occasional one leads to new opportunities that hadn’t previously been considered.

Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBook

I recently came across an Ebook called Getting to First Base (via Seth Godin’s Twitter) and was keen to check it out.

I think there are some real positives about the book:

  • yes it costs ($29), but if you promise to review it they will give you a super secret download location 🙂
  • the content is new.  For example, it talks about things that have happened in the past few weeks.
  • the content gets updated…quickly
  • it’s well written, easy to read, nice design.
  • once you’ve bought it, you don’t ever need to pay for it again.

Most of the content wasn’t new to me and as always the best approaches are the most simple and obvious (though not always obvious at the time!).  However it really did help to have it all in once place and it nurtured some old & new Rosie ideas.

One nice concept that stuck out for me (am not sure how widely this is done) is the idea of a Social Media Resources Page - the idea being to make it as easy as possible for people to contact, link, promote you, etc.  Check out the Social Media Ready example.

The book and the approach, to me, shows that this is all one big experiment for Darren & Julie.  They have faith they are doing the right thing and from the looks of it - they are!